Our intimate knowledge of Travelling to Greece & Turkey allow us to offer unforgettable travel experiences!

An unforgettable honeymoon!!!!!!

Petros was an absolute delight to work with! Incredibly helpful to create our dream honeymoon plan in Santorini and Mykonos with a truly 5 star experience. He was highly responsive, negotiated great prices, and set up all the details so everything was incredibly smooth for us while we were traveling.

From luxury car transfers to first class ferry tickets between the islands, we continuously said how much we appreciated Petros and all his hard work throughout our trip! Santorini’s Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia and Mykonos Grand were the 2 hotels he arranged for us – HIGHLY recommend staying there for a truly 5 star experience.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PETROS for ALL you did for us! An unforgettable honeymoon!!!!!!

Courtney Jacobs & Richard Biancofiori – September 2015

It couldn't have been more perfect.

We used Hellenic Holidays for our honeymoon and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We chose a 2-week trip to Athens, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos. From the first conversation with Petros, I knew we were going to be in good hands. Hotels, private transportation, private tours, travel between islands, meals, excursions, etc. Everything was planned perfectly. We also had many days where there was nothing planned, which allowed us to explore the islands on our own time. Each hotel Petros picked for us was perfect. The day trips he planned for us (private walking tour of Athens, Santorini wine tour, Santorini dinner cruise) were perfect! Every single detail was perfect of our trip was perfect. Petros planned our dream honeymoon and we would recommend Hellenic Holidays to anyone who wants to go to Greece.

Katie McHugh & Jack Botting – September 2015

You would be foolish not to go with Hellenic Holidays for your next Greek Holiday.

If you are looking for a stress-free, personalized, romantic, luxurious getaway to Greece, then you need to book with Petros from Hellenic Holidays.

My husband and I traveled to Greece in early August shortly after our wedding. Our planning for traveling to Greece occurred when the U.S.’s media coverage of the country’s financial crisis was at its height. While this caused my husband to develop some second thoughts, Petros was not deterred and rightly assured we would be just fine. When we arrived in mainland Greece and made our travels through the Cyclades, we could not detect even a hint of economic turmoil, and our trip was not affected at all.

Each of the locations Petros arranged for us to stay were breathtaking, gorgeous, and luxurious. Upon our arrival at each location, a bottle of champagne/wine and seasonal fruits/sweets welcomed us, courtesy of Petros. The personal touch made us feel warm and at home. Many of the staff we met actually knew Petros, evidence of relationships formed over mutual respect and frequent business with each other. When we ran into a bit of trouble with one of our afternoon transfers (due to an unexpected airline strike out of Petros’ control), we called Petros around 6AM eastern time, and within 5 to 10 minutes, he was able to arrange alternative transportation to our destination. This scenario showed us Petros’ above-and-beyond work ethic.

We were very impressed by our trip’s smoothness, and enjoyed not needing to worry about checking into transfer flights or ferries –Petros completed all this for us remotely! While planning this trip, we desired something exciting, worthwhile, and memorable. Travelling to Greece exceeded every expectation we had for this honeymoon, thanks to Petros.

If you are looking for a personal yet professional travel agent, who knows Greece like the back side of his hand, then you would be foolish not to go with Hellenic Holidays for your next Greek Holiday.

Antoinette Dinh & Daniel Lieu – August 2015

Top Travel Specialist for Greece

Dear Travel & Leisure – I understand you are taking nominations for the Top Travel Specialist for Greece. Well, then I would like to officially and loudly nominate Petros Zissimos and Hellenic Holidays. He is/they are brilliant, hands on, caring, knowledgeable, and many more adjectives that I can include here.

We immediately started planning the trip with me saying what I was looking for and Petros giving me the thoughts and ideas right back. And they were all marvelous thoughts and ideas. We started off in Istanbul being met by the nicest greeter and driver, and then were whisked off to a fabulous boutique hotel. When we got to our room, there were rose petals, heart balloons, heart candles everywhere – from the door to all over the bed… it was a marvelous way to start the trip (and with a fabulous room overlooking the gardens of the Topkapi Palace). I know Petros was responsible for that.

Our private full day walking tour of Istanbul was great as was our guide and the restaurants Petros suggested were delectable (and that was throughout the entire trip. We took his food advice to heart and weren’t disappointed once). When it came time to leave for Athens the driver was there right on time and whisked us off to the airport where when we landed another smiling face met us and took us to the Grand Bretagne which could not have been a better choice of hotel. Then to Santorini, Crete, Mykonos and back to Athens.

Everything was smooth, perfect, trouble free. We loved each of our hotels, sights, meals. It was really was the perfect 16 days and we would have never had it so easy if we attempted to do it ourselves or dealt with a faceless company on the internet. He specializes in this area and knows the locations, hoteliers, drivers, restauranteurs, and guides personally.

So, I wholeheartedly nominate Petros G Zissimos and Hellenic Holidays as the Travel and Leisure Top Travel Specialist for Greece.

Gary Springer & Elizabeth Blais – July 2015

Fantastic job of planning our honeymoon to Greece

Hellenic Holidays and Petros Zissimos did a fantastic job of planning our honeymoon to Greece. It was truly a dream vacation and more spectacular than we could have imagined.

Petros covers all the details – upscale, beautiful hotels with beautiful views and a professional, friendly staff; private cars to get you to/from hotel and airport or seaport; flight check-in; excursion bookings; daily activity and restaurant recommendations and tips; and his cell phone number if you would happen to need his help! All of this so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

I typically plan vacations myself, but we picked Hellenic Holidays because unlike other travel agents, Petros focuses on only Greece and Turkey to provide his customers with a higher level of service and expertise. His hotel, restaurant, and excursion choices (especially the sunset cruise in Santorini) and his attention to detail exceeded our expectations.

I would recommend Petros to anyone planning a vacation to Greece and hope to work with him again one day in the future. It was a perfect honeymoon. Thank you Petros!

Sean Oswald & Emily Lapp – July 2015

Unequivocal recommendation for anyone that wants the quintessential Greek experience.

After we decided on Greece as our honeymoon destination, the thought of poring over thousands of hotel options, planning airport transfers, and researching the best activities and restaurants in each location was the last thing we wanted to do while simultaneously planning a wedding.

Enter Petros and Hellenic Holidays. From the moment we contacted Petros, we knew we had made the right decision. He made himself available to discuss what we wanted out of our honeymoon and was extraordinarily flexible to talk with our busy schedules. He was almost frighteningly responsive whenever we had questions (I e-mailed him in a panic about using the Euro currency during the Greek economic crisis, and he called my cell phone within 2 minutes of me sending the e-mail). When we asked for his advice on a particular subject (room upgrades, for example), he gave a straightforward, direct response based on his experience planning thousands of trips for his clients. More importantly, the trip was executed flawlessly.

Petros’ network of drivers, hotel contacts, and restaurant recommendations made our experience in Greece a seamless, divine bit of serenity. From cold champagne awaiting us at our hotels, to bottled water and snacks awaiting us in our private airport transfers, Petros went above and beyond in every aspect of ensuring our trip was simply incredible. With Petros taking care of logistics, we were able to enjoy our time together and absorb all that Greece has to offer.

I have rarely experienced the level of service that Petros provided for my fiancé and I, and I offer him a resounding, unequivocal recommendation for anyone that wants the quintessential Greek experience.

Jack Marshall & Samantha Winston – July 2015

Our honeymoon was out of a dream

My wife and I had gotten a late start to our honeymoon planning. We have traveled abroad several times, but with our hearts set on Greece we felt we should have the planning done by a professional.

From the moment we met Petros Zissimos at Hellenic Holidays all apprehension and doubt about the details of our honeymoon vanished. Petros is a consummate professional who custom tailored our time in Greece to our specific set of interests, time frame, and budget.

At every step of the process I had total confidence that we were in the right hands. I feel confident in saying that when it comes to travelling in Greece, you would find it difficult to find a more knowledgeable person with a true passion for the beautiful country he represents.

Our honeymoon was out of a dream, taking us to the most beautiful places, seamlessly transitioning from one place to the next without a moment of stress that anything would be anything less than perfect. Every hotel and transportation arrangement made us feel special, with little niceties and warm notes congratulating us on our honeymoon.

Our trip to Greece was a trip of a lifetime, all thanks to Petros at Hellenic Holidays. From sunset sailing in Santorini to personal guides in Athens, if you want an unforgettable experience in Greece, look no further.

Matthew Klein & Nikki Jakub – July 2015

Unforgettable honeymoon experience

We had the most amazing experience on our honeymoon to Greece thanks to Petros and his team at Hellenic Holidays. From the moment we met him, Petros was friendly, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable about Greece.

The trip he created for us was absolutely perfect – the hotels, the restaurant recommendations, the private transfers – there was no detail left out! It was such a relaxing way to travel knowing that everything had been set up, confirmed, and taken care of for us before we even arrived.

We flew from NYC to Athens for 2 nights, flew from Athens to Mykonos for 5 nights, and then took the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini for another 5 nights. Then back to Athens and home to NYC. It was the perfect amount of time and the perfect places for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Use Hellenic Holidays – trust these experts! You won’t be disappointed!

Andrew Senderowitz & Annie Demetrio – June 2015

Look no further

Look no further.

Petros of Hellenic Holidays is the be-all, end-all Greek honeymoon planner. He planned the most romantic, luxurious trip to Athens, Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. He organized every detail perfectly and it all played out seamlessly throughout all 14 days of our honeymoon, which is no small feat. His relationships with the hotel and restaurant owners creates a dynamic where you feel like you so at home and welcomed everywhere with open arms.

Each of his daily recommendations were spot-on but most of all, each hotel he picked for us was one better than the next. We didn’t have to do one bit of planning for our honeymoon because we were so confident that we were in good hands with Petros and we were right.

Even unexpected things that occurred that were no fault of his own (airline canceled our flight, we missed our ferry, etc.), Petros was right there for us making all of our problems go away! I could not recommend Hellenic Holidays any higher–since seeing our Facebook pictures, at least 6 friends have asked for his contact information!

We feel lucky to have found Petros.

Brian Schwartz & Valerie Camarano – June 2015

Amazing vacation to Greece

My Family and I just returned from our first amazing vacation to Greece. We spent two days in Athens plus three days in Mykonos and three days in Santorini. I started to plan this trip on my own in February 2015 and I quickly realized there were too many islands and venues. I also had seven family members traveling together which added logistical complications.

While my family frequently travels internationally, I decided to use a travel agent to plan this trip (first time in 30 years since my honeymoon). As I was evaluating travel agents, I met with Petros Zissimos from Hellenic Holidays. Petros initially spent considerable time to get a real understanding of my extended traveling family. Who they were, their interests, their vacation priorities, any travel limitations, handicaps or relevant medical issues. With this information and my budget constraints, Petros quickly sketched out a preliminary itinerary. I did my own homework on his suggested hotels and we agreed on his initial proposal. Now that the trip was planned, I thought Petros had done his job and we were on our own. Not so. A week before the start of our trip, Petros scheduled a conference call to discuss the details of the trip, the logistical transfers, activities, tours and the restaurants we should consider for every evening of the vacation.

During the trip, Petros would forward our “checked in” boarding passes for each flight. He notified each hotel of our arrival and our preferences. We really experienced a first class service at every point in our vacation. Our trip was a tremendous success and the experience of a lifetime; for every member of my family. I can honestly say that I could never have planned such a perfectly executed vacation on my own. Petros has given me great faith in the value provided by an excellent travel agent.

I know that Travel and Leisure maintains an A-List of travel agents and that Petros proudly displays his past awards in his office. When I saw these awards, I googled the term and realized it is a prestigious recognition, reserved for the best in the field.

After my personal experience with Petros I recognize him as a leader in his field and nominate him for the Travel and Leisure A-List.


Sean O’Brien & Family – June 2015

Every single minute of our trip was special

Petros and his team did a fantastic job planning and executing our honeymoon! It was absolutely spectacular. We traveled to Mykonos, Istanbul, & Santorini. Our planning was done on fairly short notice, yet Petros was able to put together the packages in no time. He has excellent connections that he works for you to stay in the most luxurious hotels with the best service you can imagine.

Aside from the wonderful hotels and spot on restaurant recommendations, Petros provides you with a step by step guide to your vacation complete with suggested itineraries, daily lunch & dinner spots (each one was a success), and all your travel vouchers/etc. He tracks your trip and checks you in for every flight before you even wake up to get to the airport and coordinates with your hotels to make sure your cars are ready before you’re packed to go.

Every single minute of our trip was special and we didn’t lift a finger to plan it. Thank you Petros!

Rohan Handa & Davina Etwaru – June 2015

We just had to show up and have a blast

Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial actor but initially, I was totally against the use of a travel agent. I figured we would just be herded with the masses and seeing only the most “touristy” destinations in Greece; I could not be more incorrect.

Hellenic Holidays and Petros worked very closely with my wife and I in order to determine what we considered a perfect Honeymoon… and man did he deliver Every time we entered a new hotel or showed up at a new location, we felt like we were in the silly commercials where “we got it booking right!”… Except we did not do anything. Petros took care of all the details and we just had to show up and have a blast.

Gregory Jacobs & HollyAnn Russell – May 2015

EVERYTHING he suggested really was top notch

We worked with Petros and he was spectacular! He set up the most amazing trip for my husband and I to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. It truly felt like a once in a lifetime honeymoon and not just a vacation. He goes to Greece every year to make sure the restaurants and the excursions he is suggesting are top notch, and EVERYTHING he suggested really was.

He put together an itinerary for us that we referred to every morning. There was one day we didn’t take his suggestion for lunch and it was the worst meal we had all vacation! In his itinerary he would include notes about the cuisine and what is popular to order at that restaurant, or even tell us to ask for the owner by name when we go in. They were always so happy that Petros was the one sending us.

We know that we couldn’t have planned such a wonderful trip without his help. He was a pleasure to work with from day one and even continued to check on us while we were away to make sure we were having a great time! I’m sure we would have never gotten the deals we did on our hotels and transfers to and from places without his help and connections.

I would recommend working through Petros for your honeymoon to Greece and have recommended it to some of my friends already. Thank you, Petros!!

Adam Kazansky & Alyson DaPrile – May 2015

I could give 10 stars

If I could give 10 stars, I would! We found Petros with Hellenic Holidays in a google search when looking for a travel agent who specializes in Greece. We had a phone consultation and immediately knew this was the agency we wanted to plan our trip. It was the best decision we had made and one of the best experiences we have ever had with a travel agent and a trip overseas!

Literally every detail was well thought and organized, and our trip went without a hitch. I have already referred 4 friends on to him because I want my friends and family to have the same incredible experience traveling throughout Greece that we had. His attention to detail is incredible, his follow through is timely and professional, and his insight and expertise into the Greece market is absolutely incredible. Our hotels were amazing, his restaurant recommendations were a huge hit, and our coordination of transportation between locations was timely and stress-free.

I HIGHLY recommend using Hellenic Holidays if you are planning a trip to Greece and/or Turkey, you will NOT regret it!!!

Adam & Mindy Hargesheimer – May 2015

We would 110% use Petros and Hellenic Holidays on any future trip to Greece

Honeymoon in Mykonos and Santorini

“Hellenic Holidays did an amazing job with helping my wife and I plan out Honeymoon to Greece.  Petros Zissimos was of phenomenal help.  A coworker of mine had previously went through Petros and strongly recommended him.

After reaching out to him, Petros promptly setup an introductory call.  He gave us background on the islands and helped guide us in direction that suited us and our budget.  After finalizing our travel plans with Petros, he sent us a very thorough itinerary, including daily activities and restaurant recommendations.

We had a conference call the week before our honeymoon and we reviewed the itinerary, giving tips and pointers, as well as specific directions our vehicle transfers to help put us at ease.  He even sent our flight boarding passes to each hotel, so during check-in they gave them to us to make things go more smoothly.

He helped to upgrade our rooms and each new hotel had a gift ranging from cheese and crackers to wine and champagne.  The sunset cruise that he coordinated for us had an amazing dinner, excellent views and the ability to swim in the hot springs. Lastly, we took most of his recommendations for restaurants and all of them were amazing.

We would 110% use Petros and Hellenic Holidays on any future trip to Greece.”

Mike Singles & Kristyn Olszewski – Michigan, September 2014

Fabulous Vacation to Greece and Turkey!

Kalimera Petros!!!

Unfortunately, we are back from our fabulous vacation in Greece and Turkey (back to reality and work…. sigh). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Greece was spectacular and Turkey was magical!! We had the most incredible time — absolutely wonderful!!!!!

And all thanks to our amazing and knowledgeable travel specialist. Petros, everything was remarkable! The hotels you selected (their locations could not have been any better), our drivers, our tour guides… all TOP NOTCH! We appreciated that all our transfers and tours were pre-arranged and prepared, so all we had to do was to “show up”. We loved, loved our guided tours and your restaurant recommendations.

All I can say is that the trip would not have been as remarkable had you not assisted putting it together for us. I am still walking on clouds as this was one of the most wonderful trips I have taken.  Everything… I mean everything was perfect. Thank you for arranging such an amazing trip for us (and thank you so much for the “Bubbly” you sent to our hotel room). YOU ROCK!!!

Rick & Lulu Carbon – September 2014

Hellenic Holidays did an amazing job!

Hellenic Holidays did an amazing job with helping my wife and I plan out Honeymoon to Greece. A coworker of mine had previously went through Petros and strongly recommended him.

After reaching out to him, Petros promptly setup an introductory call.  He gave us background on the islands and helped guide us in direction that suited us and our budget.  After finalizing our travel plans with Petros, he sent us a very thorough itinerary, including daily activities and restaurant recommendations.  We had a conference call the week before our honeymoon and we reviewed the itinerary, giving tips and pointers, as well as specific directions our vehicle transfers to help put us at ease.

During the honeymoon, every transfer point went smoothly, with the private drivers picking us up right on time.  Petros had booked us a high-speed boat transfer from Mykonos to Santorini and upgraded us to Business Class, which worked out very well.  He even sent our flight boarding passes to each hotel, so during check-in they gave them to us to make things go more smoothly.

The hotels that he recommended were amazing (Mykonos Grand, Astra Suites and New Hotel), with some of the most incredible views we’ve ever seen.  He helped to upgrade our rooms and each new hotel had a gift ranging from cheese and crackers to wine and champagne.

The sunset cruise that he coordinated for us had an amazing dinner, excellent views and the ability to swim in the hot springs. Lastly, we took most of his recommendations for restaurants and all of them were amazing.

Again, thanks for all your help.  You did a wonderful job and we’ve already been recommending you to other friends and colleagues!

Michael Singles & Kristyn Olszewski – September 2014

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary to Greece!

My wife and I recently celebrated our ten year anniversary in Greece.  We spent two days in Athens, and three days in both Mykonos and Santorini.  We had a blast.

Our travel agent Petros Zissimos at Hellenic Holidays organized everything from soup to nuts.  No detail was left unturned.  We got off the plane, a driver awaited us.  We show up at our hotel after a long flight to a bottle of champagne in our room.

We took a tour of the Acropolis, and ended up with an outstanding tour guide.    We wake up the next day and connecting plane tickets were printed out for us to save us some time in the airport.  And so forth.  The hotel choices were outstanding.  The restaurant recommendations were great.  And our day to day excursions were lots of fun too.

There were literally no hiccups along the way.  Needless to say we highly recommend Petros to anyone looking to go to Greece.  If you would like to see the itinerary or discuss the trip in further detail, please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience.


Ronald & Kristine Wexler – August 2014

Ensure your trip is perfect.

We worked with Petros Zissimos from Hellenic Holidays, Inc. to plan our honeymoon to Greece this past August. It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we are so happy we booked our trip with them! Between the two of us, my husband, Ryan and I have only been to Europe a couple of times so planning a trip in another country was very intimidating.

I knew I was in good hands with Petros because he was recommended to me from a well-traveled friend and after our first conversation, I realized that he was very knowledgeable and an expert when it came to planning our itinerary for Greece.

My husband and I had a price range of what we wanted to spend on our trip and I provided it to Petros. Rather than take our highest price and plan a trip around that number, Petros listened to what our interests were and what we what we would like to do while on our trip. We decided to spend two nights in Athens, four nights in Mykonos and four nights in Santorini. The final quote actually was towards the lower end of our budget which was wonderful for two.

Petros truly looks for the best prices that can suit everyone’s budget. Throughout the process I had several questions about our accommodations and things to do since we were traveling to three locations in Greece. Petros always got back to me via phone or email in a timely manner to answer all of my questions. He also called me a couple days before we left for the trip to confirm and review all of our accommodations and talk through any last minute concerns that we may have had. All three hotels/resorts that Petros booked were top notch! Ryan and I felt very spoiled, everything was beautiful. The transitions from place to place and all hotel accommodations were so easy.

There was always a driver expecting us when we arrived, or departed each location. Petros also provided several restaurant and activity options for each location that was convenient to where we were staying- the ones we did pursue were well worth it. Our whole trip was stress-free, exactly how a vacation should be, but we were able to experience and see a lot since everything was so nicely organized for us.

I do know that Petros has wonderful relationships with the drivers everyone at each of the hotels because they all seemed to be very familiar with him. We could tell he strategically placed us in locations that made it easy to get around and do things, especially in Santorini- we were placed towards the middle of the island making it easy to plan day trips to the various towns around the island- this location also happened to be the most beautiful view of the entire island! Greece is a beautiful country-there is so much to experience, the people, the culture and the cuisine are all amazing. We had high expectations but this trip exceeded all of them.

If you are thinking about traveling to this country, we highly recommend you work with Hellenic Holidays, Inc. to ensure your trip is perfect.


Ryan O’Donnell & Diana Francella – August 2014  

Amazing Honeymoon in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.

My wife and I were referred to Petros and Hellenic Holidays by a friend of ours, who had previously worked with him on a similar trip the previous summer.  We began speaking to Petros in March or April, and he was able to craft an amazing honeymoon for us in just a few short months.

After speaking with Petros several times over the phone and getting his input and recommendations, we arranged a July trip with 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos, and 3 nights in Santorini.  Our activities and accommodations were consistently first-rate, and we were well taken care of throughout our trip.  Petros was able to get us complimentary upgrades, bottles of wine, gift baskets, and other VIP-type perks nearly everywhere we went.

In short, we received true white glove treatment everywhere we went, and I’m sure that has everything to do with our choice of travel guide. Petros is extremely professional and quick to respond to all emails and voicemails.  He even provided us with regular updates, online check-in confirmations, and boarding passes for all of our flights and ferries while we were in Greece (and it was 3 or 4am ET for him in New York).

His vast knowledge of the country and incredible attention to detail made our travel simpler than I thought possible. If you are at all considering a trip or honeymoon to Greece and/or the Greek Islands, Hellenic Holidays must be your first call.  Highest recommendation


Clifton Peterson & Mary Cary Ward – July 2014  


Dear Ms. Guzmán,

I am aware that Condé Nast Traveler awards top honors for travel specialists who are extraordinary. I am writing to nominate Petros Zissimos who worked with me and my husband on our 30th anniversary trip to Greece. From our first phone call Petros’ attention to listening and asking questions about what we wanted, where we wanted to go, and most importantly the type of experience we wanted to have impressed me. I was further impressed with his willingness to work up itinerary drafts that included different scenarios given the requests we had as we gathered new information.

Ultimately he created a dream vacation for us… from Athens to Naxos. Naxos to Santorini and Santorini to Crete we experienced lovely hotels, staff and drivers who know Petros personally and were there to meet our every needs. Petros pays incredible attention to details – and he sent us off with a final itinerary that left us feeling confident that everything had been taken care of: we just needed to show up. Reservations had been made, drivers and transfers arranged for, and recommendations for things we could do IF we wanted to; as were lovely places to ‘do nothing’. It was a trip that was both luxuriously spacious as well as filled with fabulous things to do.

I cannot speak more highly of my experience working with Petros… from start to finish it was extraordinary as was our time in Greece. I hope you consider Hellenic Holidays and Petros for your top travel specialist award – he deserves it!

David Jaffe & Leslie Sholl Jaffe – Texas, July 2014

Petros Zissimos of Hellenic Holidays - recommendation for top travel specialist.

Petros from Hellenic Holidays was amazing when planning my vacation to Greece. When researching my vacation, Petros name kept showing up on different sites with excellent reviews. I met with Petros a couple of times and knew that I had nothing to worry about, he made great recommendations and gave great advice.

On my vacation I visited Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Every hotel was beautiful and beyond my expectations. All transfers to hotels were with private vehicles with drivers who were punctual and professional. Every restaurant, Petros recommended was excellent and the sunset cruise he suggested was one of the highlights of our trip.  You can tell Petros takes his job seriously and only recommends establishments with great service and reputation.

My boyfriend and I cannot stop talking about this trip to our friends and family, we are planning to go back to Greece next year. We have recommended Petros to our friends and co-workers.  I guarantee that you will not find a more knowledgeable and professional travel agent then Petros.

I can’t thank him enough for making this the best vacation we have ever taken the memories will last a lifetime.

Mike Serras & Ivette Rodriguez – June 2014

The Honeymoon of our dreams in Athens, Crete, and Santorini.

Petros Zissimos with Hellenic Holidays deserves to be awarded the top travel specialist for Greece.

Petros treated Scott and I like good friends from the beginning. To help book the honeymoon of our dreams, Petros set aside some time in which he could talk to both Scott and I to get to know us. Petros gathered all of the information about how Scott and I like to travel including our preferred destinations, favorite foods, and favorite outdoors activities to design the perfect honeymoon catered specifically to us.  After talking with Petros, Scott and I knew this would be a vacation we would never forget, but little did we know that he would far exceed all of our expectations.

Before we left, Petros sent us a detailed itinerary that included all of the travel vouchers and also a list of recommended destinations and amazing restaurants for each city or historic district we visited. Petros took all of the worrying and planning out of our hands! During our amazing Greek honeymoon vacation we visited Athens, Crete, and Santorini.

At each destination we were met with free upgrades to amazing hotel rooms with top of the line amenities and private transportations for site seeing and airport pickup. All of the excursions that Petros had booked for us were amazing because not only were Scott and I treated like family, but also we were met with the true culture and hospitality that is Greece!! We tried local meats, wines, and cheeses throughout our entire trip and I can tell you Scott and I are still craving all of the amazing food that Greece has to offer. Our last destination was Santorini. Santorini is every bit as beautiful as everyone says! We stayed at the Astra Suites that offered breathtaking panoramic views of the entire caldera. The staff members were all extremely courteous and helpful and our room was so amazing that we had a hard time leaving it to explore. We were met with complementary wines, chocolates, turn down services, and daily breakfast served on our private balcony. Each night we watched the sunset from a different part of the island and like Petros suggested, for the most beautiful views we only had to step outside of our private hotel room balcony.

Petros is the most amazing travel planner that we have ever worked with!! Throughout the entire trip we were treated like royalty! Scott and I have already vowed to revisit the Grecian islands and we know that we owe this once in a lifetime experience to Petros!!

Scott Crandall & Arielle Reinhardt – June 2014  

The Honeymoon of a lifetime - in Athens / Naxos / Santorini!

When my wife and I were planning our Honeymoon to Greece, we didn’t know anything other than our ultimate destination. Luckily we found Petros Zissimos of Hellenic Holidays, who took the stress out of our hands, and in turn, gave us the Honeymoon of a lifetime – in Athens / Naxos / Santorini!

Petros is an expert on the ins and outs of planning any kind of Greek holiday – from the right places to visit, the good food to eat, and the things to see. He was always there for us, including when we were on our trip. In every location we visited, every hotel manager knew Petros and raved about him, just like we are now. It is clear those relationships are formed on mutual respect and in turn, that created a more special experience for us, the honeymooners.

His knowledge and know-how are invaluable. His only drawback is that he can’t plan all of our non-Greek vacations!


Michael Palan & Sara Nakhmanovich – June 2014  


Honeymoon to Greece, Santorini.

Part of our wedding registry was done through Honeyfund, which is where we found Hellenic Holidays. My husband and I decided to go to Greece for our honeymoon, and with the help of Petros from Hellenic Holidays, we were able to plan this trip of a lifetime. There were many travel packages to choose from, which we found really convenient, and we were able to customize the one we chose to fit our budget.

It was always easy to get in touch with Petros, as he was either a phone call or email away. We ended up having to make several revisions to our itinerary before it was finalized, and he made the process very easy. I even asked him for recommendations for photographers in Santorini, and thanks to Petros, we found a photographer who took amazing honeymoon photos of us during our stay in Santorini. We received all our documents in the mail prior to our trip, and it contained a lot of helpful tips and information, such as a packing list, restaurant recommendations, and tourist attractions. We didn’t have a lot of activities included in our itinerary, so we would frequently refer to the guide to find things to do and places to eat.

The hotels that we stayed at provided some of the best accommodations and customer service that we’ve ever experienced. Our entire trip went smoothly, especially with the ease of private transfers to and from the hotels/airports.

Our honeymoon to Greece was one of the best vacations we have ever experienced. We will definitely book our next trip to Greece with Hellenic Holidays.

Zachary Bucasas & Tracy Canaber – June 2014  

The perfect Honeymoon in Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to nominate Petros Zissimos of Hellenic Holidays Inc. for the T+L A-List.

Petros set up the perfect Honeymoon for my wife and I. We went to Greece for 13 days. Our trip included visits to Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini. Each island was very different from the next. They all had something different to offer and they all covered everything we were looking for during our honeymoon. We told Petros what we were interested in doing on our trip and he created an amazing itinerary.

We first got a little history in Athens, then got to party it up in Mykonos. Naxos was really great to explore and also get to relax after Mykonos. Santorini speaks for itself. Beauty and romance are all around you. The food everywhere is amazing and all of Petros’ recommendations were excellent. He absolutely nailed it. We even forgot all of our travel documents at home before we left but he reconfirmed everything for us and faxed all of our vouchers to each of the hotels.

We never had to worry about a thing and there was always someone there to greet us or pick us up at the right places and the right times. Everything was covered perfectly as Petros in extremely thorough and organized. He also took a very genuine interest in our feedback after the trip.

I would highly recommend booking with Hellenic Holidays Inc. for any and all travel needs to Greece. We couldn’t ask for a better honeymoon and we can’t wait to book a return trip in the future with Hellenic Holidays. We will never forget our perfect honeymoon, thanks to Petros.

Erik Hall & Kristy Stoner – June 2014  

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