Majestic Athens

Tour Highlights

  • Admire significant landmarks and soak in the panoramic views
  • Explore the ancient monuments of the Acropolis in Athens
  • Experience the glory of the Parthenon 
  • Wander the galleries of the Acropolis Museum

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Helpful Notes

  • Duration: +/- 8 hours  –  Suggested start time: 8:30 am
  • Tour Size: The tour can be offered privately or escorted within a small group. 
  • Practicalities: Tour requires a fair amount of walking, comfortable shoes & a hat are recommended. 
  • Tour Includes: Round Trip Transport, GNTO Licensed English speaking guide, all entrance fees & taxes. 
  • Tour Does Not Include: Personal expenses and gratuities for guide and driver (non-compulsory).


Majestic Athens is a specially designed full day exploration that begins with a visit of the Acropolis. You will have the opportunity to learn everything about the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, the Caryatides, Herodion Theater, the Theatre of Dionysus and of course the Parthenon, all located on the sacred rock of the Acropolis. You will then continue to the Temple of Zeus, (the largest ancient temple in Greece in the Corinthian order), the Panathenean Stadium (the original stadium built in the 1863 for the first modern Olympic games in 1896), The Hill of Lycabettus, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament & The Changing of The Guards, The Catholic Cathedral and the “Neoclassical Trilogy” [The Academy, The National Library, The First University of Athens]. From there, you will continue toward Plaka, Athens’ oldest and most picturesque neighborhood. It is stone-paved, with narrow streets, and is full of tavernas and souvenir shops for lunch and some wandering time. Also located in Plaka, is the Greek Agora, the civic, religious and commercial center of the Athenian life set with appropriate buildings like the Stoa of Attalus; The Temple of Hephaistos and The Roman Agora where the Tower of Winds stands, an octagonal pentelic marble clock tower. Your exploration concludes with a visit to the Acropolis Museum, a marvel of architecture with a full exhibition of the glory of Ancient Athens.