Santorini Wine Roads Tour

General Info

  • Duration:+/- 4 hours
  • Suggested start time: 10:00am – 02:00pm or 03:30 – 08:00pm
  • Group Size: Max 10 participants

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Extra notes

  • Practicalities: Because of the extensive wine tasting, it is recommended that you eat before the tour commences.
  • Included: Pick up and return transfer, wine tasting session with 15 different types and styles of wines, info booklet & Wine Certificate.
  • Note: The tour may also be offered privately. Please e-mail us for availability and pricing.


Join this signature Santorini tour and explore the magic world of the Therian wines. Enjoy an exquisite tasting experience under the guidance of our experienced sommelier, and embark on a tour you will always remember. Santorini Wine Roads will allow you to comfortably experience the island’s unique wine culture in a tour carefully designed to accommodate even the most demanding oenophile.

During this tour you will visit 3 wineries and be introduced to 15 different styles of wines. You will be guided through centuries-old vineyards and renowned wineries. Our sommelier and the island’s wine producers will provide you with all their knowledge and expertise related to their fine wines. What a great way to learn about Santorini and its own magical, artistic way of processing grapes into fine wine.

Santorini Wine Tour runs daily for a limited number of people, following an itinerary showcasing the pace of life in Santorini. You will have the opportunity to visit attractions covering a wide range of interests and you will enjoy the full flavor of famous and traditional Santorini delicacies.

Glass of wine and sea sunset in Santorini, Greece