Athens, Mykonos and Santorini Align for the Ultimate Greek Honeymoon and Vacation

If you’re planning a world-class honeymoon in Greece, or simply looking for the ultimate Greece vacation package, there are really only three words you need to remember: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.

Sure, Greece has dozens of summer destinations, each offering its own selection of breathtaking beaches, incredible food and more history than you can wave a selfie stick at. But Greece’s biggest stars – those world-renowned names – are famous for a reason. To experience Greece’s deep history, world-class hospitality and incredible natural wonders, you really need look no further. This road is well-traveled for a very good reason.

And with Greece vacation experts like Hellenic Holidays taking care of all the travel details and offering custom itineraries to suit your particular desires, getting the most out of Greece’s A-list of destinations has never been easier.

Athens – On Europe’s Edge and At Its Heart

The word “antifragile” was coined by the author and professor Nassim Taleb to describe something that, when challenged, only grows stronger. He could well have been describing Athens. In the face of Greece’s recent financial difficulties, its capital has unexpectedly only grown more vibrant, more cosmopolitan and, quite simply, more fun.

Athens’s cultural scene is humming like never before and every summer the city plays host to a slew of exhibitions, concerts, festivals and more. Throughout the city center, funky rooftop bars, fine dining restaurants, open air cinemas and everything in between will leave you almost sorry to head off for the islands (almost).

Where does this resilience come from? It’s doubtful you will find a definitive answer, but some clues may be found when you stand under the towering columns of the Parthenon or explore Athens’ history in the award-winning Acropolis Museum. When you see the familiar symbols of classical civilization before you in their original form, hewn from Attica’s finest marble. Or when you walk on the same ground as the great philosophers and leaders who laid the foundations of Western civilization. It is not by accident that this city has been here for thousands of years.

Taking a Selfie at the Parthenon

At the day’s end, with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand, as you watch the sun paint the Acropolis in incredible orange and pink hues, Athens’ resilience may still not make much sense – but it won’t need to.

Mykonos – The Archetypal Cycladic Experience

Only a few hours away from Athens, Mykonos will transport you to an entirely different world. Ever since the 1960s when the jet set first put the island on the map of international summer destinations, Mykonos has been a pioneer in hospitality, seamlessly blending traditional Cycladic charm with world-class hotels and services.

Why, out of all of its islands, is Mykonos one of the country’s most famous? Why does it continue to attract those on honeymoons in Greece as well as international celebrities and billionaires? Once again the answer is elusive, but it is likely that you will get a hint of it the moment you set foot on the island.

The beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos

Beyond the white sugar-cube houses with their painted blue doors, the famous windmills and charming maze-like alleys of Chora, the island has a particular light and energy that is difficult to capture in words. Perhaps it is due to the near constant wind, or the surrounding deep blue of the Aegean. Perhaps it is due to something else that has yet to be discovered. It is said that it can be felt most intensely on the nearby uninhabited island of Delos – a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage site covered in incredible ancient ruins that attest to the civilization that once flourished here and drew pilgrims and traders from across the ancient world.

Whatever the case it is certain to put a smile on your face and a lightness in your step.

It also perhaps explains how Mykonos can be so much to so many different people. Whether you want to enjoy its legendary nightlife or romantic gourmet dinners, busy cosmopolitan beaches, or remote sandy coves, high-end shopping at designer boutiques or perusing local handicrafts – Mykonos, quite simply, offers it all.

Santorini – Born of Fire

Well almost all. There is one thing that Mykonos cannot offer – in fact that nowhere else on earth can offer other than Santorini: the stunning miracle of that island’s caldera.

Born of a massive volcanic eruption thought to have brought the end of the Minoan civilization, the vast sea-filled crater is the island’s main draw and the centerpiece of many a Greek honeymoon and vacation package.

No matter how many hours you spend in the villages perched on the cliff-face looking out over the deep bay and still-simmering peak of the volcano, it is unlikely you will get enough. Luckily there are many places to take the view in from: hotel infinity pools, wine bars, gourmet restaurants or simply hiking along the paths from village to village.

A most magnificent view from Oia

To complete the experience opt for a day sailing trip that will take you around the bay and to the central islet with its hot springs, as well as prime snorkeling and swimming spots. A fresh seafood and steak barbecue at the end of the excursion will doubtlessly leave you full and happy.

Santorini’s volcanic soil has given it another major gem: its incredible wines from local grape varieties that are bursting with crisp, clean flavors. On the island these are paired with some of the finest produce and cooking Greece has to offer.

Combining these vibrant flavors with one of the best views in the world is an experience that simply needs to be lived to be believed, and one that is certain to become one of the many cherished memories of your ultimate Greek vacation.