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Welcome to the Hellenic Holidays Blog. Our blog will feature: News and Views from Greece and Turkey,
Recounting experiences from clients, Up close views of incredible destinations to visit, and Trip Logs. Enjoy!

29 Apr 2016

Religious Sightseeing Around Greece

It is Easter week in Greece, the “Megali Evdomada” as it is called, and everywhere around the country, families return to the villages of their grandp...

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22 Mar 2016

The Hidden Gems Of Greece

Some destinations in Greece are among the most popular holiday destinations worldwide. Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes come to mind. Apart from t...

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8 Mar 2016

Cyclades: A Premier Honeymoon Destination

If honeymoons make you think of the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean, then you’re not alone; and unfortunately not very unique!

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27 Jan 2016

Celebrating The New Year With A Great Award!

Hellenic Holidays welcomes 2016 by proudly receiving an invaluable award. We have been selected as the winner of The Knot Best of Weddings for 2016. T...

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23 Dec 2015

Immerse Yourself In The Festive Traditions Of The Greek Islands!

Spending the Festive Season in the Greek Islands is both unique in its beauty and charming in its traditions. If you are seeking a less overcrowded ce...

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9 Dec 2015

A City Of Mystique, Boldly Balancing Between Europe And Asia / Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city and port of Turkey, as well as the main cultural, economic and industrial center of the country. Its population of about ...

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