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If your idea of holidays is lying next to a beach or pool, soaking in the sun with a cool drink in your hand, then you’ve come to the right place!

28 Dec 2018

Best Laid Plans: Plotting a Summer Greek Vacation with Friends over Christmas

Joanne returns from the kitchen carrying a fresh bottle of wine. She sidles up to Steve on the couch and flashes her phone at him ...

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30 Aug 2018

Get Ahead of the Curve and Start Planning Now for Summer 2019!

When planning your Greece vacation package, there’s a simple rule: the sooner, the better.There was a time, not too long ago, when a vacation on t...

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15 Feb 2018

The Elements of Mykonos

As you set about planning the perfect Greece vacation package, there is one island that will always be near the top of any itinerary: Mykonos.More...

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27 Dec 2017

5 Reasons to Visit Greece in the Spring and Early Summer

As you think about your next Greece vacation package, there is a little secret you should know: some of the best island vacations are to be had in the...

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29 Sep 2017

The reason you haven’t heard of Naxos is why you’ll love it

Ask anyone to name a Cycladic island destination for a Greek vacation and Naxos is unlikely to be the first name you hear (or even the 5th). Far more ...

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25 Nov 2016

Peloponnisos: A Journey through History and Time

Greece’s southernmost peninsula looks small on the map, yet it holds within it much of the country’s vast history and culture. Ancient sites include t...

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Santorini Greece1 Aug 2016

Hellenic Float: Set sail for a Cycladic adventure!

The most famous island group in the Aegean Sea comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Gorgeous sandy beaches, archit...

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22 Mar 2016

The Hidden Gems Of Greece

Some destinations in Greece are among the most popular holiday destinations worldwide. Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes come to mind. Apart from t...

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8 Mar 2016

Cyclades: A Premier Honeymoon Destination

If honeymoons make you think of the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean, then you’re not alone; and unfortunately not very unique!

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8 Dec 2015

Embark In A Divine Quest To The Spiritualism Of Greek Religion

In searching about our next holiday to Greece, we will most possibly use the keywords sun, sea, beach, sand, nightlife, honeymoons and many similar to...

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8 Dec 2015

Set The Greek Islands As Your One And Only Target For The Most Carefree Holiday With Friends!

Summer is here, school is over, the work load gets lighter by the day… Its time for a holiday with friends!One measure of friendship consists...

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