Cyclades: A Premier Honeymoon Destination

Naxian Collection, Luxury Villas & Suites in Naxos

Naxian Collection, Luxury Villas & Suites in Naxos

If honeymoons make you think of the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean, then you’re not alone; and unfortunately not very unique! If you haven’t considered the Cyclades, the cluster of picturesque islands that make up most of the Aegean archipelago, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to celebrate an unforgettable honeymoon.

For generations, the Cyclades have attracted mostly history buffs and lovers of Greek culture, becoming established as a premier tourist destination for families and older couples. However, over the last few years, a new industry has developed around honeymoons and wedding, with Santorini and Mykonos leading the way.

Santorini has a beauty found nowhere else in the world, while Mykonos is bustling and cosmopolitan. The islands are only a two hour ferry trip away from each other; in between them are over a dozen other gems for you to visit and enjoy.

Astra suites private villa

Astra suites private villa

You won’t find many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched atop the rim of an active volcano in the middle of the sea! A trip to Santorini with the other half is a dream for anyone who has seen at least one photo of the island’s famous Caldera and its sunsets of incomparable beauty.

Where Santorini offers natural beauty, Mykonos offers a cosmopolitan, party vibe. Honeymooners can stroll along its spotlessly clean labyrinthine streets with whitewashed houses, bathed in the dazzling sunlight of the Aegean sun. Scattered all around the island are superb gourmet restaurants, glitzy boutique shops, and of course, some of the Mediterranean’s most famous bars and clubs.

Santorini and Mykonos are the most popular honeymoon destinations, but they’re not all Cyclades have to offer. Naxos and Paros are the largest islands of the archipelago and are perfect for exploring and an endless variety of water sports and activities. Sifnos and Folegandros are on the quieter side, with many secluded beaches and hidden landscapes. Delos is an ancient sanctuary –the center of the “circling” Cyclade islands- that is definitely worth the short boat trip from Mykonos.

When it comes to making plans for your honeymoon, don’t go with the flow. You want these moments to be unique and cherished for a lifetime. Greece and the Cyclades offer an experience unlike any other in the world.

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