Family-Friendly Vacations In Greece & Turkey That Will Work Wonders To Your Family’s Bonding!

At Hellenic Holidays, family values are greatly respected and our cooperating hotels are among the most family-friendly you will come across in both Greece and Turkey.

Who said that the Greek islands, Athens, Istanbul and the coast of Asia Minor only constitute destinations for couples in love or large parties of friends who are seeking for the great adventure?

Taking your family to a vacation in Greece and Turkey will be the best thing you have ever done if you wish to enhance your family’s bonding!

Our family vacation packages provide a balanced blend whether you choose amazing Greek island beaches or expert guided educational tours in Athens and Istanbul.

In case you are planning a family reunion in Greece, we will equally aid you at fulfilling your dream of meeting with distant members again, which you haven’t seen in a long time. We will guide you through to acquiring unforgettable moments with the people you love most…

Greece and Turkey are both vacation destinations that guarantee a fun and easy holiday for families.  There are no special vaccinations required for the children and the gastronomy of both countries is generally healthy and based on fresh, locally sourced products that are cultivated with care and are cooked with imagination.

Greek food and wine will invariably provide some of the most memorable experiences during your family’s vacation. We will help you and your family uncover all the wonderful flavors and aromas that the Greek cuisine has to offer, either via happy cooking classes or dining at exquisite local restaurants.

After all… Greek cuisine is known and appreciated by people of all ages!

Transportation in Greece is efficient and comfortable whether you take the large boats and ferries that will convey you to the Greek islands or the airplane. Even the bus network that will take you to the unique land of the Peloponnese or the majestic Greek midlands is frequent and reasonably priced.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect for a family vacation in Greece would be to find hotel rooms suitable for more than 4 or 5 persons.

At Hellenic Holidays we guide you through your options in advance and bring you into contact with splendid accommodation selections.

Most of our hotels are locally owned and operated by families, therefore, we do indeed cherish family holidays! Across our wide spectrum of cooperating hotels and resorts, you will find different accommodation choices for your family’s dream stay, such as: two bedroom suites, multi-bedroom villas with private terraces and swimming pools, family maisonettes or even side-by-side rooms with connecting doors.

June and September are undeniably the best months to take a leisure family vacation to Greece, although the peak of July and August is fine too as long as you have planned well in advance with our guidance! If you are primarily interested in a sun and sea holiday, then almost all of the Greek islands will stun you with their beautiful beaches that are suitable for children to play and swim. The islands of Naxos, Crete and Rhodes are the top among them for a family getaway, presenting visitors with countless sandy beaches.

If you wish to travel to both Greece and Turkey for a 2in1 vacation, this could be easily arranged as the two countries are practically next to each other!

A fantastic itinerary could be formulated in the following way: You and your family could fly into Istanbul and after touring the marvels of the Turkish capital and the superb Turkish coast you could catch a ferry to an eastern Greek island.  On the Turkish side, ferries have routes between Ayvalik and Lesvos island, Cesme and Chios island, Kusadasi and Samos island, Bodrum and Kos island and also Marmaris and Rhodes island. By approaching any of the Greek islands mentioned above (1-3 hours long by boat) you can then island-hop to as many other Greek islands as you wish before ending your trip in capital of Greece, Athens, and flying home from there!

Our Family vacations provide the perfect blend of educational value via award- winning guides and that of relaxing, leisure time for the family at amazing Greek island beaches and sailing trips.

Let us plan with you a marvelous holiday to Greece and/or Turkey and get ready for the happiest family adventure ever!