Get Ahead of the Curve and Start Planning Now for Summer 2019!

When planning your Greece vacation package, there’s a simple rule: the sooner, the better.

There was a time, not too long ago, when a vacation on the Greek islands didn’t require much organization. You would stuff a backpack with the essentials, step on a ferry boat and step off at your dream destination with no reservations – literally. Even on flagship destinations like Santorini or Mykonos in the high season, you could rest assured that there would be a small throng of hoteliers and guesthouse owners waiting at the port with hand-painted signs of questionable spelling advertising rooms with sea views at bargain rates.

Those days are in the past. This year, Greece is forecast to receive over 30 million tourists for the first time, with many of the more popular destinations booked solid weeks, or even months, in advance.

In part, this is a reflection of how the visitor experience in Greece has been enhanced over the years, thanks to the work of a new breed of professionals taking tourism to new heights of quality. Long famed for its sun, sea and ancient sites, Greece now offers a wealth of other experiences as well, from world-class hiking, rock climbing, kite surfing and scuba diving to fine wine tastings and cooking workshops of exceptional quality to name just a few. (And don’t think that those 30 million all come at once – increasing numbers of visitors are capitalizing on the great deals and experiences to be had outside of the peak months of July and August.)

Greece, of course, is still a rewarding place to visit for the spontaneous adventurer. But for those who want to be certain to get the best possible experience with the least amount of fuss, working with Greece vacation experts like Hellenic Holidays makes more sense than ever.

Early Birds Get Exactly Want They Want at the Best Possible Price

So when should you book your summer Greece vacation? One answer comes from – where else – the universal answer machine of Google, and specifically Google Trends, the search giant’s service that tracks the relative popularity of search queries over time.

If you type in the term “Greece vacation” you will see a consistent pattern over the years. The term is most searched over the summer, and its popularity then drops precipitously in September and remains low throughout the autumn. But then something curious happens: around Christmas the popularity of the term suddenly spikes as people get together with their families over the holidays and, with the weather chilly and bleak outside, start to talk about their next summer vacation.

After this point flights, hotel rooms and everything else, start to fill up. And as they fill up, they become more expensive. So why not beat the crowd and get planning now? Summer 2019 may feel far off, but it is mere months away. And by contacting your Greece vacation experts Hellenic Holidays sooner rather than later you will have the pick of hotel rooms, flights, dinner reservations, activities and more, all at the best possible prices, so you can put together the Greek vacation package that is simply perfect for you.

And then you can get cozy and enjoy the cold, wintry months, happy in the knowledge that when the summer rolls around again incredible experiences await!