Luxury Yachting Experience…To Dreamy Islands!

With over 3.000 dreamy islands, islets and floating rocks across its wide seas, Greece is the best option in the Mediterranean basin – if not in the whole wide world – for the unforgettable yachting experience… You may have seen the whitewashed settlements with their blue domes and azure waters hundreds of times on postcards and the tv but even the best captures are no match to the real thing!

Yachting in Greece is a romantic dream that will take you close to, or on, the islands of your choice that are scattered across the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. Whichever islands you choose to see from afar or from closer, they all have something admirable to present you with. Cosmopolitanism, tranquility, wilderness, picturesque landscapes, archaeological sites, beautiful main towns – the “Chora” as they are called – and, of course, stunning beaches and the azure of the sea at every point of orientation.

During your fascinating yachting days, your eyes will be feasting in the timeless appeal of the sea and the whitewashed villages dotted along the horizon, while you are enjoying the seclusion of the countless bays and beaches that are simply inaccessible from the crowds.

Hellenic Holidays, with its rich expertise in the yachting sector counting more than 20 years, presents its clients with a large fleet of luxury yacht charters and sailboat charters in Greece. Nothing compares to exploring the romantic beauty of this country and its islands on your own fully-crewed, private, luxury yacht. We give you the freedom of choosing your own sailing destinations and to carry out the itinerary at your very own pace.

Ranging from the breathtaking views of the volcano in Santorini and the golden beaches of vibrant Mykonos in the Aegean Sea, to the shores of Ithaca which were frequented by Russell Crowe and Madonna last summer, the island of Kefalonia known from the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the cypress green bays of Corfu – all of which in the Ionian Sea… your choice of routes is literally endless and so is the wealth of islets and picturesque rocks with isolated beaches you will come across on the way to your selected destinations.

Indulge in privacy and luxury, dive in crystal clear, turquoise waters, sunbathe and get the best tan of your life! Watch the most magnificent sunsets, dine with sumptuous meals under the Greek starry skies, be pampered by your own personal chef and served by your own steward and simply surrender to the stunning Greek landscapes all around you.

There is no better way to explore the islands of the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea other than on a yacht cruiser. This is really the only way to get in touch with a side of Greece you would otherwise miss! History can be found at every point of orientation in this country and only your skipper knows all the local tips by heart. Without the merest doubt, a tailor-made and private yachting experience will enable you to see exactly what you need in order to sooth the senses and relax while making the most of your Greek vacation.

Our yachting experts will answer all your questions down to the smallest detail and will share with you their in-depth local knowledge, so that you can make the right decisions concerning the destinations you will finally approach.

So… are you ready for pure bliss? Let’s go yachting!