Set The Greek Islands As Your One And Only Target For The Most Carefree Holiday With Friends!

Summer is here, school is over, the work load gets lighter by the day… Its time for a holiday with friends!

One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things friends can do together when visiting a faraway destination, as well as, their happiness upon return back home from all the experiences they acquired from the holiday.

It is by chance that you and your friends met, but it was certainly by choice that you became and remained good friends. Nothing compares to sharing experiences with those people that you feel you can talk about anything and who have helped you when you needed them. Taking a holiday together would be a great opportunity to thank them for being who they are and for collecting and adding even more images in your friendship’s album.

Are you longing for excitement? Are you a group of friends searching for an alternative to the ordinary package vacation and do not wish to join a large group?

At Hellenic Holidays we truly value the personalized nature of our services, with hands-on involvement and creative input for every tailor-made vacation and activity we suggest to our customers. Transportation in Greece is efficient and comfortable whether you take the large boats and ferries that will convey you to the Greek islands or the airplane.

Santorini, Greece

Just join us for an initial conversation and we will help you pick the ideal destination for the trip you and your friends may have had in mind for quite some time now! Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Paros, Naxos, Mylos, Kos, Samos… all of them distinctive for a holiday with friends!

Not only will we guide you through your accommodation and transportation arrangements, but we will add the magic sparkle that consists of a variety of locally hosted activities to further enhance your trip in the most unforgettable way.

Your holiday to the Greek islands will not be complete if you don’t savor the local gastronomy in fabulous restaurants and tavernas. The locals on all Greek islands have gone to great lengths in order to create innovative ways for the promotion of the special local tastes and scents. Having placed their gastronomy in a more contemporary prism, the local products have proudly gained a strong and distinct identity.

Feeling sporty while on holiday? Holidaying with friends is a grand opportunity to try all you can from the water sports that are on offer on the Greek islands!

Windsurfing, waterski, wakeboard, wake skate, wake surf & barefoot, double ski, slalom ski, tube ride, sofa ride or banana boat ride, single rings, dragon tubes, jet skiing, canoeing, snorkeling, beach volley, yoga, scuba diving, parasailing, pedal boating, zumba classes, diving, horse riding, kite surfing… and so much more.

The Greek islands are indeed the place to be for ounces of happiness from dusk till dawn. But in the night time…their charm becomes unsurpassable! It is a fact that only very few places on earth can match the vibrant tempo and lively nightlife of the major Greeks islands of the Aegean Sea. Our nightlife suggestions will certainly put you in the mood for having the best of times after dark too!

Last but not least, the Greek islands seem as if they were scattered among the waves by the Gods themselves…

Uncountable as they are, the Aegean Sea islands were made to sail if one wishes to experience their beauty in depth and from close up.

At Hellenic Holidays we will arrange thrilling boat tours and excursions just for you in order to convey your holiday a level up!

Without further ado, put together a group of friends and head to the Greek Islands…We will make your vacation one you and your friends will treasure forever!