A Tribute To Our Villa Experience! Join Us In Mykonos & Santorini!

At Hellenic Holidays, we highly value the qualities of “the Villa experience” – as we call it – and this is why we present our guests with the opportunity of a VIP stay on selected, top Greek islands! We co-operate with an outstanding selection of Villas for those who always want to acquire only the best in life and will settle for nothing less…

The luxurious, spacious and highly stylish ambience cherished by each and every one of our co-operating Villas, is bound to make you feel on top of the world! If you wish to experience the VIP way of living on the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Paros then look no further… for our selection of Villas is destined to make you feel seriously special, deeply pampered and truly happy!



In this tribute of our precious villas, we will focus on the gems we cherish on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. At the beginning of September, our Part 2 of the Villas Tribute will focus on our options for the islands of Crete and Paros!

Let’s begin with Mykonos! The ‘Queen of the Cyclades’ is without the merest of doubts the most cosmopolitan island in Greece.

Hellenic Holidays cooperates with 3 distinctive villas on the island that have hosted numerous VIP guests and are specially crafted for clients seeking exclusivity, utmost privacy and breathtaking views to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea…


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Mykonos is a legendary Greek island, as far as, glamour and cosmopolitanism is concerned. Its well-nurtured reputation grows by the year and visitors from around the globe fly in stylishly, eager to feast in the outstanding beauty of the natural panorama of one of Europe’s Top 10 islands!What is it that draws visitors like a magnet, though? But of course… its plethora of chic hotels, the trendy island dining it promotes, its exclusive beach life and its hedonistic nightlife…

The irresistible allure and an array of charms make this an insular paradise which also constitutes a Mecca of retail therapy boasting international designer boutiques, contemporary jewellery and art galleries.

Platis Yialos Villa

Platis Yialos Villa, Photo credits:

Hellenic Holidays presents you with Platis Yialos Villa which can accommodate up to 11 guests within absolute privacy and boasting high-end, luxury services you would expect to find in a five star hotel.

Fantastic views of Platis Yialos beach, close proximity to other famous beaches, a private infinity pool, an open-air Spa Jacuzzi, a spacious terrace and verandas, plus, outstanding interior design and decors make it an irresistible option!

Myconian Utopia Resort

Myconian Utopia Resort, Photo credits:

Myconian Utopia Resort is another option in Mykonos for our guests.

An exclusive group of heavenly villas – an emblem of Mediterranean beauty! At only 200 meters above the Aegean Sea the villas offer unobstructed views, flawless facilities and impeccable services. All villas boast décors of extreme interest, such as hand-cut stone, rich exotic woods and an extensive range of custom-built furnishings.

Myconian Villas

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Yet another option in Mykonos by Hellenic Holidays, is the spectacular Myconian Villas Collection. A superb all-villa resort ideally positioned above the cosmopolitan beach of Elia, ready to offer you the ultimate, stylish, comfortable and wonderful holiday on the island of the winds.

Exclusive services and stunning surroundings promise to give you the most relaxing, romantic and homely vacation you’ve ever had in your life! If you wish to experience the concept of modern living which also incorporates fabulous restaurants, indulgent spa services and products, extravagant amenities and high-end services then this is the right option for you!


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Most visitors travelling to Mykonos also select to island hop to Santorini too or vice versa. We pass on to Santorini island… What can we say about Santorini? Where could we even begin?! This unique, volcanic paradise constitutes a top international destination making it to the personal wishlists of millions of people worldwide.

Dove-white houses, sea of cobalt blue, black sand and volcanic pebbles. This tiny Greek island of the Aegean Sea is distinguished by wild geological beauty and rich history. The landscapes will overwhelm you, the sunsets will enchant you, the history will fascinate you. You are bound to become yet another fanatic!

The Architect’s House

The Architect’s House, Photo credits:

Hellenic Holidays wishes to get you acquainted with the very special “Santorini Villa lifestyle”… Something which you will be able to acquire by staying at The Architect’s House which is located between the trendy village of Imerovigli and the highly atmospheric settlement of Oia in the northernmost peak of the island.The Architect’s House is a 3-bedroom / 2-bathroom Villa, literally hanging off the Caldera cliffs and boasting a swimming pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi.An earthly paradise… a unique hideout… a place where you can cherish moments of sleek elegance in inimitably private surroundings with majestic views of the endless Aegean Blue, the Caldera, the Volcano and the most unique sunsets on earth!

The Architect’s House

The Architect’s House, Photo credits:

It can accommodate up to six guests very comfortably, making it perfect for family gatherings, Santorini wedding guests, special milestone birthdays, anniversaries & other festive events or even as just a spacious and very romantic hideaway for a romantic couple.

In any case, the open-air design in perfect marriage with tasteful furnishings and attractive artwork creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere providing guests with a first class holiday home suitable for individual needs.Join us today at Hellenic Holidays and let’s plan together your most unforgettable “Villa experience” on the crème de la crème of the Greek islands… Mykonos and Santorini.