Why Honeymoon in Greece?

The short answer to the question above is this: honeymoon in Greece for the adventure; also for the ease and comfort. Honeymoon in Greece to discover a personal hidden paradise that will be your secret; also to see world-famous sights fit for any bucket list.

Are these contradictions? Of course, but somehow Greece manages to accommodate them all – making it truly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. And with the Greek vacation experts of Hellenic Holidays working out all the details, your trip will combine a sense of adventure with smooth sailing all the way (including literally on a sailboat, if you so choose).

The fact is that planning a honeymoon is often like planning the wedding preceding it: it is a joyous occasion that can sometimes creak under the weight of conflicting desires. We often want weddings to be manageable and intimate yet not leave anyone off the guest list. We want them to reflect our own personal aesthetics and desires but also want family and friends to be happy with our decisions. Sometimes it can feel like trying to mix oil and water (or at least getting them to sit at the same table and make conversation).

Honeymoons may be more personal affairs but there are nevertheless often similarly conflicting desires involved. We want to venture into the unknown and have an exciting adventure, yet at the same time we want to kick back and rest in a luxurious location with minimal stress. We want to go off the beaten path and get away from the ‘honeymoon industrial complex’, yet at the same time don’t want our adventure to turn into a stressful journey of missed flights and rundown hotel rooms.

Is there anyway to square this circle? In Greece there is. (After all this is the land where ancient mathematicians first mastered both squares and circles.)

Organized Yet Free

No matter what destinations you plan your Greek honeymoon package around, you will always have a sense of unparalleled freedom. Will you be visiting Athens? Santorini? Crete? Naxos? Mykonos? Certainly your Greece vacation experts will advise you on the best places to go for sightseeing, eating, drinking and swimming. But at the same time wherever you are, from the moment you set foot out of your luxury hotel the world is yours to explore.

Forget the all-inclusive honeymoon resorts elsewhere in the world that can feel like plush but artificial theme parks or gated reservations exclusively for young couples sequestered from everyone else. In Greece you will always be immersed in a rich fabric of vibrant, friendly communities and incredible natural wonders.

Parthenon – Athens – Greece

Wander down unknown streets hand-in-hand and enjoy the simple joy of discovering your own private paradise, be that a charming seaside cafe or a hidden cove seemingly made for the both of you. In the villages you will certainly meet other honeymooning couples, but also locals of all ages and travelers from near and far. You will have an out-of-this world vacation in very real, very down-to-earth places.

There is no artifice here, just a wonderful and friendly land thousands of years in the making.

All Tastes Accounted For

Of course many a couple differ on their idea of a perfect honeymoon. You may just want to lounge by a pool sipping cocktails all day while your partner wants to learn to kitesurf. Or perhaps there is not a cultural site your partner would leave unvisited, while you feel the same about hiking trails. Whatever the case, Greek destinations manage to condense a vast range of sites and activities into relatively small areas, meaning that a perfect honeymoon package exists for every couple.

Photos to last a lifetime – Naxos

You can be on a mountaintop in the morning and down by the seaside in time for lunch and a swim. Or spend your mornings visiting ancient ruins and your afternoons scuba diving. Or horseback riding. Or just enjoying a siesta together. If there is anyone who says can’t find what they’re looking for in Greece, they probably haven’t been to Greece.

Adventure Without Stress

When planning a honeymoon, many a couple looks for a sense of adventure. But at the end of the day we want our adrenaline rushes to come from fun activities or seeing jaw-dropping sights, not from missed flights and connections, or worrying if the cab driver is taking us for a ride, or finding ourselves lost in a strange part of town with no one to turn to.

Running Stairs in Oia

In Greece you can explore an unfamiliar and often exotic world with all of the comforts and security offered by a modern European country. And with Greek vacation experts Hellenic Holidays minding the details, your mind will be free to focus on what’s important: creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Those Moments

Because at the end of the day, that’s what all this is about: beginning a lifelong commitment by sharing unbelievable, personal experiences together that you will talk fondly about for years to come.

Should those be based on a sense of adventure or a sense of relaxation? Should they be forged on a quiet, remote beach, or standing amid timeless ruins that formed the foundation of western civilization? Is it unparalleled luxury you want to surround yourself with, or do you want to experience life at its most elemental, eating a chargrilled, freshly caught fish on a paper tablecloth at a simple wooden table a few feet from the sea?

In Greece, you can have all of the above, and much more that will be there just for you and your partner. Enjoy your honeymoon!